How Do Poor Lifestyle Choices Play a Role in Acne Severity?

A study published in the medical journal, Primary Care (January, 2022), examined the association between diet and acne in over 2,400 patients with a mean age of 26. The majority of patients reported that fried food, chocolate, dairy products seemed to exacerbated their acne.

The Importance of Healthy Diets and Proper Sleep

However, the study revealed that consuming over 100 g of chocolate per week, eating fried foods at least 3 times per week, and sleeping less than 6 hours per day significantly increased the risk of severe acne. The study did not show any change in acne severity being associated with dairy products or sugary drinks. Protective factors included consuming vegetables, green tea, and brown rice.

Healthy Lifestyles Reduce Acne Severity

The take away message is that lifestyle and diet appear to play a role in acne severity.


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