Intense Pulsed Dye Laser



Purpose (Indications)

Dilated vessels [telangiectasias]

Hemangiomas, angiomas, port-wine stains, rosacea, and treating scars

What It Does

Stimulates collagen formation, but without down time


Topical anesthetic prior to treatment

Recovery Time

Can resume normal activities immediately after treatment

Recovery Instructions

Apply ointment, such as Bacitracin or Vaseline over treated area for that day

Avoid wearing makeup over the treated areas until the day following treatment

More Information

Telangiectasias – Certain skin conditions can respond very favorably to single or serial treatments with specific laser technologies. The pulsed dye laser can be used for fine telangiectasias (small dilated blood vessels frequently seen on the cheeks, neck, and nasal areas). Telangiectasias usually respond to one or two laser treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Most individuals feel no discomfort associated with the treatment which is done under a topical anesthetic and can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Usually there are no tell tale signs of treatment, although some people may have a slight redness to their skin for the first few hours following treatment. It is best to avoid wearing makeup over the treated areas until the day following treatment. Recent studies have shown that this laser can stimulate collagen formation similar to that associated with medium chemical peels, but without the down time.

This laser can be an important treatment modality as part of the overall skin rejuvenation program for many individuals. It is also useful in treating scars and helping to prevent the formation of scars . We frequently will use serial treatments spaced one month a part following facial lacerations in order to prevent scar formation to accelerate wound healing. Most individuals respond favorably to three to four laser treatments.

Other – The pulsed-dye laser can also be used as treatment for other conditions such as hemangiomas, angiomas, port-wine stains, rosacea, and treating scars.Multiple treatments may be required to remove the vascualar abnormality.

Skin Care Instructions Following Laser Treatment




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