Necklift Consultation

A necklift is designed to remove tissue laxity in the neck. In many people, fatty tissue collects in the area beneath the chin, which adds more fullness. In some people, weight reduction will improve this area. However, in many others, it needs to be surgically removed. In a necklift procedure, small incisions approximately 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch are made under the chin and behind the ear. Through these areas, small telescopes with TV cameras attached are used to remove the fatty tissue and to reposition the muscles. If extra skin needs to be removed, the incisions behind the ear are sometimes carried and hidden in the hairline so that extra skin can be removed. The recovery time is approximately 5-7 days.

These procedures are done under IV sedation. We call this “twilight” anesthesia.

The advantage is that the incisions are hidden and that the recovery time is very quick. The disadvantages are that only the neck area is treated. Obviously, it does not treat sagging in the cheek or forehead area.

Our suggestion would be to obtain a consultation with several doctors. The doctor would evaluate your medical history, perform a physical exam, and determine if a necklift would be a procedure which would address your concerns.


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