Nasal Labial Folds

The problem with prominent nasal labial folds or significant problems to the groove in between the nose and the corner of the mouth is a frequent problem with both males and females. This is due not only to the laxity in the skin but is also accentuated by one’s bone structure. It tends to be more common in people who have less prominent cheekbones. In other people, it is sagging of what we term the malar (or cheek prominence) fat pad. A facelift procedure is usually utilized to deal with this problem. By removing some of the fatty tissue in the area as well as re-supporting fatty tissues in other areas, supporting muscle, and redraping the skin, we usually provide a satisfactory improvement to this problem. In some cases, cheekbone implants can be a benefit. In extremely severe cases, material can be used to “fill in” the fold. This can range from the use of injectable collagen, your own fatty tissue, or synthetic implants such as Goretex It is important for a doctor to physically evaluate a person to help determine what would be the best treatment. However, it is equally important for patients to realize that the aging process is complicated and individualized.